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Management of Digital Content

Content is a key element in the effectiveness of your digital marketing. It can be managed in a variety of ways. Our team will find a management system that works with your business. We provide posting services or we train our clients to post in house.

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Managing Digital Content for Small Businesses

Small businesses don’t need to do much to establish a digital presence. What they do need to do is create a plan for sharing content and sticking to it.

Get Visitors

Visitors come to your website and you social media pages expecting to see something new. The longer you wait to post content the more likely you are to loose recurring visitors. Fresh content keeps old visitors and gains new ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does content come from?

Content can range from an endorsement from a current customer to quoting text from a national publication. It is reasonably easy for small businesses to create content. They can take photos and write stories to post on their media. In addition, small businesses have a wide range of sources via their vendors and trade organizations. We will help you determine these sources.

Does Utter.Digital edit content?

At Utter.Digital we provide editing services. If you want to write text and send it to us our trained staff will review it and make necessary changes. Some clients even send us a rough list of things want in a post and then send it to us to create the content. We customize a setup for each client.

How often should content be posted?

The frequency of content posting varies with each business. A restaurant could have specials for three meals every day and post them at different times. A home builder may want to display recent work but will only have it to post every couple of weeks. Contact our staff and we will help you create a schedule that will work for your business.

“Content Is King”

This is a common phrase used throughout the digital marketing industry. Why? Because it is! The content in your digital media is what determines whether visitors appreciate seeing it and whether they want to see it again. Good content insures that those visitors tell their friends about it. That brings more visitors to your media and more customers to your business.

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