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Mobile Marketing Covers A Wide Range

Mobile marketing ranges from making a website mobile friendly to creating applications customized for your business. Imagine sending your customers a promotion at a moments notice or sending an automatic reminder for an appointment.

Mobile Marketing for Small Business

Promote your business to customers on their mobile devices. Your plan can be as simple as designing a mobile friendly web page to sending personalized text messages to selected clients.

Automated, Smart Mobile Text Marketing

Create custom text message to go to select clients on a scheduled basis. You can send a message at a moments notice or schedule it months ahead.


Appointment Reminders

This is ideal for doctors, hair salons or any other business that schedules appointments for their clients.


Targeted Special Offers

Send special offers to targeted customers in your database. Tell clients that it is time to return to your store and give them a special offer.

Mobile Coupons

Send a client a coupon on their mobile device.


Send your clients announcement messages. Holiday hour changes, new services offered and other news about your business can be sent to selected customers.

Give It A Try

Text marketing will work for your business, or it won’t. Try it for one month. The investment is minimal and you will be able to track it’s performance.

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Get Listed On The Map Services

Get your business listed on Mapquest and Waze. This is ideal for businesses seeking mobile customers who want immediate services. Restaurants, convenience stores and other businesses increase sales every day from map services.

Listing on Mapquest

Mapquest shows local businesses, gives directions to their locations, shows their websites and gives their phone numbers.

Listing On Maze

Search for goods or services in Maze and get directions to the store. Maze even offers you an audio step through to your requested location.

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