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One of the most effective marketing resources on the web is social media. Small businesses can benefit significantly form digital marketing social media. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media outlets help customers find small businesses.


Used By A Wide Range Of Businesses

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms used by businesses.

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Businesses across the country and across a range of industries use Facebook in their marketing.

Year Started



Number of Users

as of January 2018

2.2 Billion

monthly active

We incorporate Facebook with nearly all of our clients digital marketing.


Video Presentations

YouTube is the primary source for posting videos. It is also the second most used search engine on the web behind Google.

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As the cost of video creation is falling, more businesses can afford to create them and post them on YouTube.

Year Started


Number of Users

as of July 2018

1.9 Billion

monthly active

YouTube is effective for a range of uses, from promoting products to providing instruction.


Provides photo and video sharing

Instagram can be used to post photos and videos that can be labeled and then organized with tags and location information.

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Users can search for content, follow other users and “like” photos and videos.

Year Started



Number of Users

as of June 2018

1 Billion

monthly active

Businesses is good for sharing photos and videos publicly or with pre-approved followers.


A Tool Of Many Uses

Twitter is tool that has many used. It is excellent at getting messages to followers quickly.

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Year Started


Number of Users

as of July 2018

335 Million

monthly active

Twitter is good for posting news and networking with clients, employees or other groups.

Other Social Media

There are many other social media services available. We can incorporate them into your web presence.

Business and Social Media

Today businesses are increasing their use of social media. While the primary focus is for business to customer marketing, it’s use is effective for other purposes. Businesses can use it for internal communication, customer services, product tutorials and other purposes.

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